At VIPSON , to merely state that people are our biggest asset is not enough - we believe, they are the drivers of our growth and the real reason for our success. The company's intellectual capital is the cumulative insight of each and every employee. The power of this capital is reflected in everything we do, whether it is improving process efficiencies, re-engineering equipment, lowering costs, enhancing productivity, launching new products or improving shareholder value.

Our team comprises experienced, highly-motivated and skilled personnel from Various disciplines and diverse backgrounds that blend into a common work ethos that fosters excellence and continuous growth.

VIPSON Solar has a history of setting challenging targets and a history of achieving them too. What makes this possible every time is our constant endeavour to provide an environment where people have freedom at work, risk taking and innovation is encouraged and learning opportunities are provided to bloom talent. We ensure synchronization of each individual to the company's business and growth by aligning them to the corporate goals and objectives and keeping them abreast of the latest developments and accomplishments.

This culture is backed up and reinforced by our people policies and practices which are forward looking and aligns to our vision and values framework.

Work Culture

Some of the key aspects of life at VIPSON, that describes what it is like to be a part of this organization are:

Learning and Development - Training We believe comprehensive and high quality training is critical to maintaining our leadership status. On a continuous basis, our people undergo a series of training programs that encompass technical and functional training, behaviour, skills and other Management Development programs.

Rewards & Recognition Success is about achieving excellence by creating new benchmarks time after time. In our attempt to keep this spirit alive, we have a robust Reward and recognition scheme on an organization wide basis that aims to recognize and appreciate individuals and teams who constantly strive to achieve excellence through demonstrating positive behaviours, innovation and team work. This platform aims to openly demonstrate respect and is a way of saying “thank you” to those who have contributed to our business goals and encourages further initiatives in this direction.

Talent Management It is of increasing importance for companies to ensure they have the right talent who can guide future business success or in other words, people who would take the corporate agenda forward.

As an organization we are committed to invest majority of our time and effort in ensuring a continuous process of identifying and nurturing talent. We ensure that our employees get enough growth opportunities across all levels. Growth is provided in terms of horizontal & vertical movements; and is closely linked to organizational requirements. We have faster-growth policies that help high-performing employees to rise relatively faster in their respective careers. We have a robust process of identifying hi potential people who can be future leaders, we have also identified some senior people who are capable people-managers and role-models for others to support/ coach/ guide our key resources in their need-based development.

Managing Work Life At  VIPSON, our constant effort is to provide our employees a friendly and conducive place to work where employees can be their own self. The objective is to ensure that while people do some serious work they also enjoy at the same time. We celebrate all major festivals with our people; we have various recreational activities to rejuvenate them and have initiatives that involve people’s families.


At VIPSON we benchmark ourselves with the best in the world and provide our employees with an ideal work environment that allows them to harness, hone and polish their capabilities and talents. We look for candidates with a positive attitude, an aptitude for innovative thinking, and the drive to not just grow with the company, but to take it to new levels. Besides individual capabilities, we strongly believe that teamwork is essential to our growth.

Thus, if you have what it takes - talent, enthusiasm, ambition, ability to think out-of-the-box and a teamwork ethic - then VIPSON   is the place that can transform your dreams into reality.

Please  Send  your applications on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will contact you as soon as a position is available!

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